Dogs Standing On Mushrooms Is The Internet’s New Favorite Thing

You didn’t know you needed this today, but the internet’s new favorite thing is dogs on mushrooms. Although some of them are really high, it’s not what it might seem and no dogs were harmed in the making. When Twitter user @lofidrew shared images of little dogs on mushrooms (literally) with the caption: “i present to you, dogs on mushrooms” on November 14, the adorable thread went viral with 328.6k likes, 55.6k retweets, and a thousand comments starting a craze about pictures of dogs standing on mushrooms and all the funny content that comes with it.

People on Twitter didn’t miss the opportunity to share their hilarious snaps of their dogs on mushrooms, while others really took advantage of ambiguous phrasing with funny jokes and memes. One user wrote: “what i expected and what i got were two very different things,” another pointed out: “Those are some strong mushrooms.”

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