“I’m fine, Just A Bit Tired”: Italian Man Walks 450 Kilometers To Cool Off After Arguing With His Wife

Angry after an argument with his wife, this Italian man made the headlines by walking 450km (280 miles) to cool off before getting caught by police and fined for breaking the lockdown rules. The 48-year-old man who took a week-long stroll reportedly needed to soothe his anger after having a row with his partner. While the couple lives in the far north of Italy on the Swiss border, in Como, the man made it all the way to Fano, a town 280 miles south, on the Adriatic coast.

When the police stopped the man at 2am for breaching the country’s lockdown curfew rules, they had a hard time believing he’d walked so far. However, after checking his name, they found that his wife had indeed reported him as missing a week earlier, in the town of Como. “I came here on foot, I didn’t use any transport,” he told the police.

The Italian media reports that the man was cold and tired, but seemed lucid. However, he admitted that he did not realize just how far he’d gone during his journey. The man told the press that he was given food by strangers during his epic walk, in which he walked around 60 km a day. Apparently, the walker told the police officers that he was “fine, just a little tired.”

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