American Graduates Share Their Ridiculously High $100k+ Student Debts

Higher education is meant to get you ahead of the competition. But if you study in the US and have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for it, in a way, the diploma also sets you back. While America remains the world’s most popular destination for international students, it’s also among the highest priced choices. Even the locals have a hard time paying for it too.

A few days ago, American Twitter user Wee-Yum shared the numbers of their student debt: $82,649.35. “This is my student loan amount,” they wrote. “I don’t stress because it ain’t ever getting paid off.”

Since this has been a longtime hot topic, it didn’t take long before the post went viral. Generating over 93.4K likes, it has received a lot of replies with shocking dollar amounts. Sadly, you can see some students who shared them are simply hopeless about it.

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